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Musicpleer is the leading mp3 search engine on the web. By typing your searched music in the query input field above, you will get attractive suggestions for your search. The suggestions will make it easier to define your wanted search and find the correct files for you. If you see the exact title in the suggestion list, than just click it and the search will be performed at all our services. Use that site as an YouTube to MP3 Converter - you just need to insert a YouTube video url and click the search button. Our system will offer you the YouTube video as mp4 or mp3 download. Our service is financed by advertisings, you will receive them by searching your songs on our website. This is the only way to offer you our service completely free..

Is That storing all the songs downloads on it's servers? No we've developed a complex algorithm to offer you the best results from multiple third party sources in our comfortable search result list we dont store any mp3 files on own server..

search for your favorite songs or youtube videos on downloader.

How to Search Your Song:

  • Enter your searched query into the search field

  • Hit return or click the search icon

  • Click the download button next to your wanted music item

  • Click the play button to check the quality

  • Click the download button to start your download process

  • After the process finished click the Download MP3 button

  • Choose the location where to save your file